Steve Monjaras has been working with wood and creating fine cabinetry and furniture for over 20 years.  His specialty is building quality furniture and kitchen cabinets.

Steve also makes quality furniture, tables, entertainment centers, armoires, corner cabinets, closets, the list is very long.  Any furniture made from wood.

Steve sets delivery deadlines and then delivers on time!

There are pairs that could be Book Matched for double the width and interest.  All have been dried in my Kiln so they are very stable through out the seasons.

Handcrafted Live Edge Tables from Coratu Trees

Beautiful Bookmatched Live Edge Coratu table under construction and then installed

Steve Monjaras +507 6262-1829

Something to take your mind off of Covid-19

The Slabs are available for your ideas in bar tops or tables.

They average 24" wide. The longest is 8" and the shortest is 4'6". they all are around 2 1/4' thick.

These slabs were legally harvested before the nation wide moratorium on no cutting.

As soon as we get out of this isolation we could get together and talk of the possibilities.